Foundation Bitch Sharni 


Our involvement with Rottweilers goes back to the year 1994 and began when a family member gave my mother a pedigree papered Rottweiler puppy. As a family we had previously owned German Shepherd’s and Pomeranians but my mum found this particular breed interesting! Mum decided she really liked this breed, and wanted to have a go at dog showing as she’d come from a horse eventing / show back ground.

Our very first Rottweilers name was ‘Sharni’ and her pedigree name was ‘Scheilz Rom Della (A)’, my mother’s surname (my maiden name) is Harrison. The kennel prefix Dellahar was created from that combination of names when my mother decided she wanted to have a go at breeding her own litter. I was all but 10 / 11 years old when mum first started showing Rotties, being an only child I instantly became involved by learning how to show and handle many different breeds of dogs, and competing regularly in child handler competitions. The first breed of dog I learnt to show was actually Newfoundlands more so than the Rottweilers, but that soon changed when the first Dellahar litter was produced!


The very first puppy to be born almost didn’t make it into the world as she became ‘stuck’ during her birth! Luckily with mums quick thinking and some oil on hand, she made way her way into the world safe n sound along with her little mates! That puppy became the Gold ribboned girl and she became my very first own Rottweiler, the beginning of my passion for showing dogs and my journey into this breed! Her name was Dellahar Aztec Gold “Skye”. I still miss her every day.


Skye and I went on to become an amazing team within the dog show world, loved and sometimes hated, we competed every weekend, in every part of the state. At All Breeds shows being held, even travelling interstate to compete at specialty shows under the worlds most renowned international breed specialist judges! We did more than well, Skye became an Australian Champion in no time, plus was the VERY FIRST Rottweiler female to gain the much respected title of NRCA Champion (National Rottweiler Council of Australia) not long after it had been created by all the Rottweiler clubs within the country. 

Dellahar soon became a very well-known kennel within the Rottweiler and show world, and continues to be known for its consistent involvement within the breed. We are proud to say that we have bred very sparingly throughout the years, but from those litters have produced many show champions, obedience champions, working titles and beautiful companion dogs. I have basically grown up around the dog show / Rottweiler community, and still to this day regard some of those people as close as family.


My mother’s time, self-taught knowledge & research, experience, networking, understanding and commitment to this breed has taught me strong foundations and given me exceptional knowledge of this breed. The know how & reason why I want to continue this kennel and all that I have learnt from her so I can continue to go on and help in some small way to protect, promote and preserve this amazing breed The Rottweiler.


During my now 21 years as a part of Dellahar Rottweilers, I have had the experience of not only helping my mum to produce, own, train and campaign Rottweilers, but I have had the privilege of helping other Rottweiler owners show and handle their Rottweilers. I have been fortunate to not just compete against, but also help show / handle many of Australia’s most beautiful and top winning Rottweilers produced here or brought into the country. My passion is and always has been to show these dogs to the very best ability I can, and have their owners be proud to see their dogs campaigned beautifully with successful results in the show ring! I feel at peace and most comfortable with everything in my life when I am showing Rottweilers. 


The future of Dellahar Rottwilers is looking very bright thanks to the experience and knowledge we have gained throughout the years.