Renee & Skye

Multi V1 rated Australian Champion NRCA Champion Rottsdale Nero

Imp Ireland

Date of Birth: 29/10/2012

Sire: Tito Earl Antonius (SRB)

Dam: Rottsdale Reba (IRL)

Hips: 5:6  |  Elbows: 0:0  |  Mouth & Eye Cert. JLPP Clear, Long Coat Clear.

Since Nero’s arrival into Australia of August 2015, he has been very successful in the show ring and producing many outstanding puppies for other Rottweiler Kennels.

In 2017 he gained his Australian Championship title AND this year 2018 he attained his National Rottweiler Council of Australia title.

To obtain an NRCA title means a dog has to have been awarded the grading of Excellent by specialist judges a minimum 10 times, and have passed a breed survey as well as pass all their health testing!

Nero now has 13 V ratings and has been awarded Best male multiple times.

We are super proud of these achievements in the short time he has been with us. To import a fully grown male Rottweiler at 3 years of age who knew absolutely nothing about showing, to pass a breed survey and achieve those titles is extremely amicable.


We'd like to thank Alan & Theresa Doyle of Rottsdale Rottweilers in Ireland for entrusting us with this very special male. We will do you proud!