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NRC (A) Champion & Australian Champion Dellahar Imme CCD known as Imme, was produced by her Dam: NRC (A) Champion & Australian Champion Willemstadt Slick Chic (AI) and her Sire: NRC (A) Champion Vom Hause Zillas Arkon (imp Denmark).


Date of Birth: 23/11/2005

Hips: 0:0  |  Elbows: 0:0

Imme came from a litter of 9 puppies & after losing two of them Imme became the runt of the litter. On day 4 of her life she was rushed to vets as she started to fade. I don’t know what the vet injected her with but after that she never took a step back!


Imme begun her specialty show career at just over 12 weeks of age, winning best baby in show and so on to her credit Imme has accomplished:

  • 6 x Best In Specialty Show awards

  •  8 x Runners Up In Specialty Show awards

  • 49 V ratings

  •  27 V1 ratings

  • 34 Specialty Class wins

  • 11 x Best Bitch in Specialty Show

  • 10 x Reserve Best Bitch in Specialty Show

  • 2008 Top Bitch winner for the RCV point score

  • 2008 Northern Siegerin winner

  • 2009 Northern Siegerin winner

  • 2011 Southern Siegerin winner

  • 2014 Southern Siegerin winner

After a very long 7 years of attempting to qualify, Imme finally achieved her CCD obedience title with three passes from 3 different handlers! Imme has produced multi V rated progeny from her 3 litters that unfortunately only produced a total of 17 puppies!


We would like to sincerely thank every judge from across the world who recognised Imme’s outstanding conformation & amazing temperament, also to every person that has helped handle, run, call, bait or trial Imme during her career, there are way too many to mention but you know who you are & a huge thanks to you all! She’s always been called the “community dog” as she can be handled or called by anyone & gives her best every time!


Imme there are a million reasons why we love you, but mostly for just being the ball crazy girl that you are! We pray to get many more years from you yet whilst you now enjoy retirement!  

IMME’s IMPRESSIVE Best In Specialty wins and Runner Up to Best In Specialty Show wins

  • RUBISS-Mr Dirk Vandecasteele (Belgium) RCV 2007

  • RUBISS-Mrs Elena Kholevina (Russia) RCV 2008

  • BISS (National)-Gergana Asanassova (Bulgaria) RCQ 2008

  • BISS- Kerryn O’Brien (Aust.) WCRC 2008

  • BISS-Mrs Ilona Onstenk- Schenk (Netherlands) NDRC 2008

  • RUBISS-Fernando Lucas Martins (Portugal) NSWRC 2008

  • BISS-Mr Uwe Peterman ADRK (Germany) RCV 2008

  • RUBISS-Herr Helmut Weiler ADRK (Germany) RCNSW 2009

  • RUBISS- Mr Carsten Hendriksen (Denmark) NDRC 2009

  • BISS-Herr Werner Walter ADRK (Germany) RCV 2009

  • BISS-Mr Dirk Vandecastleele (Belgium) RCQ 2010

  • RUBISS-Tatyana Popova (Russia) RCSA 2012

  • RUBISS- Mrs Donna Wright (New Zealand) RCV 2014 (Feb)

  • RUBISS- Mr Vinicio Di Paolo (Argentina) RCV 2014 (Nov)